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Libya, 1981-1988

(Photo: Map of Operation El Dorado Canyon: April 15, 1986)

NSC Meeting on Libya: July 31, 1981

President Reagan and his staff discuss the reasons for conducting a Freedom of Navigation exercersise in the Gulf of Sidra in Libyan claimed territorial waters. President Reagan decides that the Freedom of Navigation exercise is necessary to challenge Colonal Qadhafi's claims to the Gulf of Sidra. 

NSC Meting on Libya: December 8, 1981

In this December 8, 1981 NSC meeting, President Reagan and his staff discuss the aftermath of the August 1981 Freedom of Navigatio challenge to Qadhafi's claims to the Gulf of Sidra.

NSC Meeting on Libya: January 21, 1982


Feb. 4, 1982: Next Steps on Libya

(NSC paper prepared for NSC 39 on February 4th, 1982.)

NSC Meeting on Libyan Sanctions/Oil and Gas Export Controls: December 2, 1983

June 19, 1984: "Background Information on Terrorism for Edwin Meese." The report contains: 1) Shultz address to the trilateral commission; 2) Shultz statement to the HRAC (June 13, 1984), and 3) Draft Shultz speech on terrorism to the Johnathan Institute.

July 1985: Talking Points for NSC/NSPG Meeting on Libya to decide if the United States should overthrow Qadhafi.  

NSPG Meeting on Libya: March 14, 1986

April 8, 1986: "Next Steps re Libya." 

Memo from Oliver North, Howard Teicher andJames Stark to Donald Fortier, discussing what steps need to be taken before the U.S. attacks Libya. (Declassified 2010; Uploaded July 19, 2013.)

April 8, 1986: "Next Steps re Libya." Declassified 2011; Uploaded July 2013.)

Apri 15, 1986: Aftermath of Libyan Operations, 0500 EST

April 15, 1986: JCS SITREP 001 -- Operation El Dorado Canyon

April 15, 1986: Libyan Attack on the Italian Island of Lampedusa

April 16, 1986: JCS SITREP 002 -- Opeation El Dorado Canyon

April 16, 1986: 0500 report on world reaction to attack on Libya. (Declassified 2010; uploaded July 19, 2013.)

April 17, 1986: Libya Update

NSPG Meeting on Libya: August 14, 1986

Libya Under Qadhafi: A Pattern of Aggression 

(An unsigned and undated memo, probably created in 1986.

Chronology of Libyan Support for Terrorism 1980-1985 

An unsigned and undated memo, found in the Oliver North files at the Reagan Library, that lists terrorist incidents between 1980 and 1985 and Libyan involvement. (RL: WHSOF: North, Oliver L. Files. Folder: Reports/Memos re Libya Box 30.)

          April 25, 1986: How Libya Works

A Department of State paper that describes the political system in Libya. There is an accompanying chart that also depicts the system of power in Libya.) 

        Jan. 08, 1987: Anniversary Assessment of 

                       USG Policy Towards Libya

This document, prepared by the Department of Staet for the one-year anniversary of economic sanctions against Libya, argues that American economic sanctions against Libya have been successful. In the cover letter, dated Jan. 12, 1987, Robert Oakley of the National Security Council argues that "Qadhafi is in many respects his own worst enemy; careful, coordinated diplomatic-economic-military pressure offers the best chance of minimizing his troublemaking and accelearating his self-destruction."  

Aug. 8, 1988: The Libyan Threat

Memo from Robert Oakley to Colin Powell noting that "Libya's support for terrorism, as best as we can judge, has again increased to dangerous levels."

Aug. 11, 1988: Economic Sanctions Against Libya

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