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Oliver North files

This page was created to assist researchers interested in the Oliver North files at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The following links are to the Withdrawal sheets located in each of the respective boxes at the Reagan Library. Researches can use the withdrawal sheets to see what material has been open (as of 2009) as well as to see which documents researchers  would like to request via the Freedom of Information Act or through a Mandatory Review request. Requests should be made directly to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. 

North box's 1 and 2: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

North box 4: Nicaragua

North box 11: TIWG: Buckley Kidnapping

North box 12: Terrorism: Chile

North box 15: Iranian Arms Shipment

North box 25: Travel to Paris, France March 7-8, 1986.

North box 30: Reaction to Military Strikes on Libya

North box' 46-48: El Salvador, Guatemala, Terrorism, Buckley (withdrawal slips)

*North Box 46 files released in 2008. 

North box 62: Chile

North box 76: El Salvador, Guatemala

North box 89 (part 1): Achille Lauro

North box 89 (part II): TWA 847

North Box 92

A) Dec. 1983 Chron Files. Documents: TIWG Meeting 12.6.1984. 

North box's 102-103: Guatemala, El Salvador, Falklands Islands

North box's 128 & 132: El Salvador-- Death Squads

North: Dec. 1984 Chron File (3 of 6): Terrorism, Kuwaitti Hijacking

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