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National Security Decision Directives of the Reagan Administration

The following NSDDs were declassified or further declassified after 2005. Some were found in odd places at the Reagan library, or used in my book, “The Reagan Files: The Untold Story of Reagan’s Top-Secret Effort to Win the Cold War,” and in "The Reagan Files: Inside the National Security Council."

 Most National Securuity Decision Directives as as well as National Security Study Directives can be found at the Reagan Library. The Federation of American Scientists has also digitized many of the NSDDs and NSSDs (, but the Ronald Reagan Library in 2013 started their own page of NSDDs, which seems to be the most up to date collection of NSDDs. 

*Some links are to pdf downloads

NSDD 2: Structure of the National Security Council

NSDD 12: Strategic Forces Modernization Program 

NSDD 21: Responding to Floggers in Cuba

NSDD 32: U.S. National Security Strategy

NSDD 35: The MX Progam

NSDD 54: U.S. Policy Towards Eastern Europe 

NSDD 99: United States Security Strategy for the Near East and South Asia

(This copy of NSDD 99, which is entirely declassified, was found at the Reagan Library in August 2012.)

NSDD 102: KAL Disaster

NSDD 111: Steps Towards Progress in Lebanon and the Middle East

(Click here for the version of NSDD 111 redacted in 2004 to see what was declassified in 2009)

NSDD 115: Visit of Prime Miniser Shamir 

(Click here for the version declassified in 2004 to see what was unredacted in 2008)

NSDD 119: Strategic Defense Initiative

NSDD 137: U.S. Nuclear arms control strategy for 1984

NSDD 138: Combatting Terrorism 

(This NSDD, signed April 3, 1984, was declassified in 2010. The website Decoding washington has also posted an August 15, 1984 notebook prepared by McFarlane for Meese that contains a summary of NSDD 138. 

It can be downloaded by clicking here: August 15, 1984 Terrorism briefing book

NSDD 172: Presenting the Strategic Defense Initiative

NSDD 192: The ABM Treaty and the SDI Program 

NSDD 205: Acting Against Libyan Support of International Terrorism

NSDD 244: Meetings with Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev

NSDD 250: Post-Reykjavik Follow-up

NSDD 288: My Objectives At The Summit

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