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Document Collections

**The NARA Guide to Citing Primary Sources

Selected Speeches

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Selected Correspondences, 1981-1988.

(Created October 15, 2013)

The Euro-Missiles Crisis to the INF Treaty 

(Created October 17, 2011)

President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev signed the INF Treaty in December 1987. The documents in this collection trace the history of the process leading to the signing of the historic INF Treaty.

The Falklands Crisis 

(Created August 2011)

In the first half of 1982 Great Britain and Argentina clashed over control of the Falkland Islands. This document collection, benefiting from documents declassified as recently as 2010, traces the origins of the conflict, Secretary of State Haig's to mediate, and then the conflict itself.

The Strategic Defense Initiative 

(Created March 2011)

President Reagan announced his intention to develop the Strategic Defense Initiate (SDI) on March 23, 1983. This document collection traces the origins of SDI through the end of the Reagan administration. The collection benefits from documents released at the Reagan Library pursuant to FOIA requests released in 2010. 

Letters Between President Reagan and General Secretaries Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev 

President Reagan sent or received over 100 letters to or from the General Secretary's of the Soviet Union. The Ronald Reagan Library started releasing many of these letters in 2005. This documentary collection provides links to the actual letters sent back and forth between President Reagan and the General Secretary's of the Sovie Union. 

National Security Council and National Security Planing Group Meeting Minutes 

President Reagan chaired almost 350 meetings of the National Security Council and National Security Planning Group. The Reagan Library started releasing the official meeting minutes from these meetings in 2005. This collection provide links to the official meeting minutes of the NSC and NSPG. 

(Photo: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

National Security Decision Directives of the Reagan Administration

Iran-Contra Files

This document set includes recentely released documents related to the Iran-Contra scandal.

 The Middle East: From the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon to the Iran-Contra Affairr 

This document set relates to President Reagan's decision to send American Marines to Beirut in 1982 as part of a Multi-National Peacekeeping Force. Documents also include efforts to combat international terrorism, intelligence on Iran, Syria and Iran, information on Donald Rumsfeld's work as Reagan's Special Envoy to the Middle East, and documents prepared for the White House summarizing the Iran-Contra testimonies of North, McFarlane, Weinberger and Poindexter. (Updated July 25, 2013.)  

The Libyan Files

Official White House records documenting President Reagan's approach to containing Qadhafi, as well as documents relating to Qadhafi's support of international terrorism.

Speeches and Speech Drafts

Head of State Files

Official memorandums of conversation between President Reagan and other foreign leaders.

The Reagan-Gorbachev Summits

The White House official memorandums of conversation between President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev at the Summits in Geneva, Reykjavik, Washington, Moscow and their farewell meeting at Governors Island.

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